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WordAI (artificial intelligence) is called the smartest article spinner ever created that allows you to to get unlimited high-quality articles.
WordAI has unique algorithms which allow it to identify, fix and edit poorly spun sentences. It targets words that are more likely to make sense when changed and avoids words and phrases that are likely to hurt the articles readability. You can adjust the amount of uniqueness and readability for each article.

Sentence Spinning

WordAI has various settings available based upon your needs. For instance, if you're utilizing the Turing spinner on "very readable" setting, you're going to obtain a less unique sentence. Here's an example of everything you could easily get:

Original sentence: His arms felt very weak as he carried the box.
Sentence rewritten: His legs felt very weak as he lifted the package.

As you will see, any of these combinations would work and all of them could be considered unique as well.
If you'll need a content spinner, WordAI should easily be your first choice.

If you need high quality contextual backlinks for tier linkbuilding - wordAI is perfect tool for you. Google loves contextual backlinks. Articles with your links should be unique and pass copyscape test. WordAI does it all! It is online tool, you can access it from any place in the world.

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How to earn money using wordAI?

The method involves accepting article writing jobs and using WordAI to create the articles. First step is to sign up on platforms where you can accept article writing jobs. Platforms include:


These 2 are the easiest to get started on. Once you accept a job find an existing article related to the topic in an article directory such as ezinearticles. Rewrite it in WordAI, and check to make sure it passes copyscape (very important step). If it passes copyscape then briefly read over it and fix any grammar errors before submitting. You are done!
It's simple but it works. When I did it I made about $20 with 30 mins of work using only textbroker and iwriter. That dollar amount would've been higher if I stuck with it and wrote enough articles to get an upgraded account (for better pay) on textbroker/iwriter or if I accepted more article writing jobs